Managing Pharmaceutical Samples

Medical professionals must keep tabs on pharmaceutical samples and have a pharmaceutical waste removal plan in place just ...
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Industries We Serve: Colleges & Universities

Medical waste removal is not exclusive to healthcare facilities. MedXwaste also serves colleges and universities, too. Believe it ...
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Industries We Serve: Medical Spas

Medical spas are becoming a staple in many towns and communities. Here’s how MedXwaste serves the medical spa ...
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Industries We Serve: Government Agencies

Medical waste is not exclusive to healthcare practices, and perhaps more common, but less talked about facilities include ...
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Industries We Serve: Airports

Airport Medical Waste? Handling Medical Waste in the Least Likely Places. Being in the medical waste removal industry, ...
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MedXwaste Sharps Safety Quiz

How sharp is your sharps safety knowledge? Take the quiz to find out! [WpProQuiz 1]
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Safer Environments. Efficient Solutions.

We believe in delivering peace of mind to our customers by delivering service through safety. We help you maintain compliance, optimize costs, and create a better environment for everyone.

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