What Happens to Medical Waste?

What Happens to Medical Waste? The proper treatment and disposal of medical waste can be a tough job, ...
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The Dos and Don’ts of Medical Waste Removal

Hospitals, labs, tattoo parlors, funeral homes, assisted living facilities, at first thought may not seem like they share ...
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Biohazardous and Hazardous Wastes: What Is the Difference?

Biohazardous and Hazardous Wastes Here on the blog, we’ve covered many topics that fall under what constitutes medical ...
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Types of Regulated Medical Waste: Infectious Waste

MedXWaste is in the business of dealing with regulated medical waste (RMW), but believe it or not, RWM ...
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How MedXWaste Can Help Prison Facilities medical waste disposal

When it comes to medical waste, the discussions tend to focus on healthcare facilities, like laboratories, private practice ...
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Medical Waste Removal 101: Funeral Homes

While not a healthcare facility, funeral homes are organizations that require proper medical waste removal just for the ...
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