Who Handles Your Medical Waste?

Who Handles Your Medical Waste?

Compliance in the medical waste removal field isn’t just good business practice, it’s mandated by state and federal regulations. Facilities that deal with regulated medical waste must follow a stringent set of rules to ensure the health and safety of patients, staff, and the professionals who are handling the waste.

Because medical wastes poses hazards that are unique in nature, restrictions must be followed for their transportation. Shippers must ensure compliance with the U.S. DOT Hazardous Material Regulations for ground transport. The DOT requires that medical waste shippers receive general awareness, security awareness, and function-specific training.

Of course, before medical waste can be removed and transported, it is up to the facility to dispose of it properly. As we discussed in a previous blog, segregating medical waste and using properly marked containers is not only good practice, it’s safe and economical so that you can choose how and when, not to mention whom removes the waste for you.

So, who is handling your medical waste?

Whether you’re a small, local dentist, a tattoo shop, or a large-scale laboratory or hospital, you must ascertain specific criteria before choosing a medical waste removal service.

Your medical waste removal provider should absolutely:

Be compliant. Compliance with State and Federal laws governing the disposal of medical waste is not a choice. It is the law.

Be reasonably priced. Be sure you are only being charged for what you need, not what is more than necessary.

Dependable. Cheaper doesn’t necessarily mean service and quality are compromised. At MedXWaste, our prices are competitive while our services are unmatched.

MedXWaste’s services are designed to fit your budget and are affordable and simple. We aim to make your regulated medical waste management process as simple and cost-effective as possible. We safely and securely remove your regulated medical waste through autoclaving and incineration. Our professionals offer routine service, no matter how big or small the job.

How much are you spending on your current medical waste removal and how can it be done better? Call MedXWaste today and learn how we can help you manage and handle your medical waste.

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