Questions to Ask Before You Sign a Medical Waste Contract

Questions to ask before you sign a medical waste contract

Whether you own a tattoo parlor, manage a busy medical laboratory, run an assisted living facility, or offer mortuary services as part of a funeral home, you will absolutely, 100% need to rely on a professional medical waste removal company to help dispose of your regulated medical waste. For these industries, regulated medical waste includes sharps, needles, lancets, dressings, tubing, cultures, swabs, and countless other materials that come into contact with bodily fluids. But before you sign a contract with a medical waste removal company, you should have this checklist handy to ensure that you are hiring the right professional who can meet and exceed your needs.


How long is my contract service time?

Customers should be leery of providers whose contract terms exceed a period of 12 months. A business tactic among many is to lock in customers with a long-term contract so that if prices fluctuate, the customer does not have the option to leave. At MedXWaste, we do not have long-term contracts nor hidden fees.


Do you have the right permits for compliance?

Many states govern how waste transporters remove waste. For example, in New York State, there are specific requirements for persons transporting waste, including regulated medical waste. Your provider must be transparent about any and all permits and licenses to ensure that you are also compliant.


How quickly can my facility be serviced?

A reputable service provider will offer quick turn around time for your convenience. MedXWaste offers same and next-day service for all of our customers and are always on time.


My organization needs a medical waste program and some assistance in training. Is this a service you provide?

Medical waste removal companies are not your every day trash collectors. We in the business make it our business to not only educate our staff, but our customers as well. MedXWaste can help your facility get compliant with our OSHA Compliance Program, which includes safety plan building, training for employees on all medical waste removal topics, including HIPAA, bloodborne pathogens and more. What’s more, this can all be done online and is compatible with desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.


What if I have more waste than I was expecting? Are my prices inclusive? Will there be additional charges?

No one wants to sign up for a service blindly without knowing what they’re getting and what they’re paying for. MedXWaste works with all of our customers and guarantee no hidden fees and straight-forward pricing on service plans that will fit your needs.

I need medical waste removal equipment. Do you provide this with your services?

Not all medical waste removal companies offer bins, red bags, and containers. MedXWaste is able to provide the equipment you need to keep you, your staff, and your customers safe as you handle medical waste.


I have some questions and need to speak to a rep. Will I be able to reach someone?

It’s common for bigger, national corporations to send your call to an out-of-state customer representative. MedXWaste provides responses from our local service representatives with a solution within 24 hours.


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