Improper Medical Waste Disposal

Improper Medical Waste Disposal

Medical waste removal is serious business, that is why it’s imperative for professionals to consider the implications if waste isn’t handled properly. Is your facility aware of the potential issues and risks that come with the mishandling of regulated medical waste?


It’s a threat to workers and patients/customers

Medical waste is not exclusive to hospitals and laboratories, although these are the highest producers of it. Tattoo parlors, assisted living facilities, prisons, and veterinary offices also produce regulated medical waste. Improper disposal means you, your staff, your patients and customers are exposed to dangerous toxins; biohazardous materials, bloodborne pathogens, infected sharps, soiled bandages, and much more. The worst-case scenario to improper disposal? The spreading of infectious disease or death. Yes, it’s that serious.


It’s a community issue

Throwing regulated medical waste into the regular trash means you expose your community to a myriad of toxins. Syringes have been known to wash ashore, infectious blood can ruin soil in a landfill, and pathogens can leech into drinking water. Be responsible to your community and learn what proper medical waste removal involves.


It’s a legal issue for YOU

There are state and federal laws that mandate the proper handling of medical waste. The Centers for Disease Control, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and various state entities have attempted to define infectious waste based on various waste characteristics, so it is up to you to know the laws, definitions, and how to dispose of your medical waste.


It can be a threat financially

While the health and well being of staff, patients and customers, as well as the environment should be the top priorities for proper medical waste removal, there are financial implications that can seriously impede business. Improper disposal means hefty fines, covering injured individuals, legal fees, and federal penalties.


Medical waste management has strict rules in accordance with local and federal laws. MedXWaste offers an OSHA Compliance Program to help you and your staff get in the know with medical waste removal, from implementing a safety plan to staying up to date on all federal regulations. MedXWaste also offers the equipment necessary to store your medical waste until it’s time to be removed, including bins, red bags, and sharps containers.


We safely and securely remove your regulated medical waste through autoclaving and incineration. Our professionals offer routine service, no matter how big or small the job.


Keep your staff, your customers and patients, and the community safe and healthy by working with a licensed medical waste removal company like MedXWaste.


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