Mental Health Awareness Month: Mental Health Medical Waste

Mental Health Medical Waste
Dealing With Regulated Medical Waste

Behavioral health services and facilities provide crucial care to millions of Americans faced with mental health diagnosis, and to coincide with Mental Health Awareness Month, MedXWaste can help those who service our communities in deciding how to properly remove what’s considered regulated medical waste, or RMW.

RMW is waste that may contain blood, bodily fluids, or other materials that are considered a biohazard not only to the environment, but to the people who manage and come into contact with these substances.

While many mental healthcare facilities focus on treating the individual by way of cognitive therapies, those who are required to offer extra medical care, whether it’s through blood testing, IV medications or other treatments that may need a physician to have contact with bodily fluids. It is in these instances that these facilities must consider proper removal of RMW.

mental health medical waste

MedXWaste has a broad range of customers that we service, including mental health medical waste facilities. Each of our employees is dedicated to providing all of our clients with compliant, efficient, personalized service at an affordable, fair price.

To ensure the utmost security, compliance and simplicity for processing RMW, we provide full collection, transfer, treatment and processing of medical waste. This provides peace of mind all while controlling expenses.

MedXWaste can assist mental healthcare facilities in managing medical waste removal with proper measures in place, allowing for these institutions to abide by all Federal and State laws. We handle all types of jobs, from daily to monthly pick-ups so that practitioners and organizations can focus on what’s important: helping communities navigate the path to better health.



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