MedXwaste Year in Review 

MedXwaste Year in Review  We cover some of the most important topics in the medical waste and recycling industry and our big news of the year! 

Hello, and welcome back to the MedXwaste blog! We hope you’re having a wonderful holiday.

We’ve been busy with a lot of exciting new developments over the last year, and we wanted to take a moment to look back at some of our favorite topics we covered here from the last 365 days.

In this post, we’ll also highlight some of the most exciting announcements in this MedXwaste year in review.

New Year: Healthy Habits for 2022

We kicked off 2022 with some tips to get you started on the path to greater health. This included how to review your internal processes and policies and find areas to improve how you handle, store and dispose of waste and potentially hazardous materials. 

January was also Blood Donor Month which was a great reminder about the fact that giving blood saves lives. As the 52nd annual year celebrating this cause came, it was also critical since a national blood shortage was looming.

In February we were sending love for American Heart Month with some key tips on disease control and in March, Bleeding Disorders Awareness Month was a time to increase the awareness of those living with these conditions like hemophilia, von Willebrand disease, and increase contributions to the cause.

Of course, we can’t just talk about all of these great causes without also keeping the public aware of the threat that exists from medical waste in their environment. For a closer look at what to do with unknown needles you may find along your path, check out our post on “Unknown Needles: What to Do if You See a Needle on the Ground

This led us right into National Public Health Week where we emphasized how important our physical and mental state is when it comes to maintaining good health as a public body. 

From April 18–25 we also celebrated National Infant Immunization Week (NIIW), an especially important time to reflect on the role we can all play in protecting newborns from disease. 

In April, we also made national headlines when we announced MedXwaste to Open New Medical Waste Transfer Station in Connecticut. The new facility will be designed to meet all current regulatory requirements for medical waste handling and provide consolidation for waste processing as well as boost energy savings. 

Later in November, we covered Medical Cannabis Awareness Week to shed light on the important role medical marijuana plays in the lives of those whose health can benefit from medicinal marijuana. 

It’s certainly been a busy year!

We’ve covered some of the most important topics in the medical waste and recycling industry and announced some news! We’re looking forward to our next year of collaboration with you!

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MedXwaste Year in Review

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