Bleeding Disorders Awareness Month

Bleeding Disorders Awareness Month 

Bleeding Disorders Awareness Month
 – Over three million Americans live with a bleeding disorder of some kind. Raise awareness in the month of March. 

The month of March is dedicated to recognizing all those affected by bleeding disorders and to raise awareness as well as funds to help those living with the conditions. 

Bleeding disorders happen when a condition makes it impossible for the body to form a proper blood clot needed to stop bleeding in vessels. 

Over three million Americans live with a bleeding disorder of some kind.

In a normally functioning body, there are 13 clotting factors. When any of them are deficient or defective, the bleeding disorder can occur and result in bleeding from spontaneous to moderate and even severe. Some of the common bleeding disorders which can be inherited include: hemophilia, von Willebrand disease and other rare factor deficiencies can also occur as a result of medications, anemia, HIV, leukemia, cirrhosis of the liver and more. 

The problems that arise from having a bleeding disorder is that someone can have heavy and prolonged bleeding after an injury – or for no known reason. The loss of blood is dangerous and can create unseen problems – especially in the joints as overtime it can even lead to limited mobility.

Treatments can range from at home medications to in-hospital therapies depending on the severing of the disorder. 

In honor of this month, the public is encouraged to wear red in support – a red tie, red shoes, or a shirt – anything to start a conversation around the importance of the need to help improve medical care services and education for blood disorders. 

Here at MedXwaste, we’re joining the fight to spread awareness about common bleeding disorders and how people living with them can get help. 

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Bleeding Disorders Awareness Month 

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