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Great Neck Medical Waste Disposal Services

Great Neck Medical Waste Disposal – The key goal for any community is to create a safe place for businesses and residents to work, learn and grow. Key to this is proper medical waste disposal. These services protect the environment, the public and future generations for illness and harm. 

If you’re a waste generator in New York State you need expert medical waste disposal services for things like Red bag waste, Sharps and needles and other bio-hazardous and regulated medical waste that cannot be tossed in with regular refuse. 

If you’re a doctor’s office, dentist, funeral parlor, tattoo shop or other location generating medical waste, you must adhere to these strict rules for storage, handling and disposal or be subject to hefty fines. 

Professional Medical Waste Disposal Available in Great Neck

With MedXwaste, we pride ourselves on being able to help businesses of all sizes to meet these requirements. Whether you need to dispose of needles, or other waste we have options to fit your needs. All you need to do is simply schedule your pickup service and we’ll come to you with the storage materials you need and to take away your waste. We’ll even provide necessary documentation after it’s been destroyed. 

Great Neck is a village made up of 9 villages total and part of the North Hempstead area in Nassau County. In addition to being an area rich in history and value, it’s also been a prime area of real estate development in the past. 

As a local business serving clients in this area, it is your responsibility to protect them at all times. Things like accidental needle sticks, and potentially infectious waste should all be considered. 

We help you to remain OSHA-compliant and reduce the amount of medical waste stored at your facility. Doing this regularly and on a schedule will remove potential risks from your workplace. Having an efficient and trusted process in place to handle this waste will also help you to cut costs for your business. It’s a win-win! 

Waste Removal for Great Neck Healthcare Facilities Including:

  • Medical Waste Disposal
  • Chemotherapy Waste Disposal
  • Pathological Waste Disposal
  • Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal
  • Hazardous Waste Disposal
  • Universal Waste Disposal
  • Document Destruction Services

Call for a free quote and see how much you could be saving your Great Neck, NY facility with medical waste disposal services from MedXWaste! 

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Great Neck Medical Waste Disposal Services

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