Health Unit Coordinators Day

Health Unit Coordinators Day is August 23

Health Unit Coordinators Day – This month, we’re offering an inside look at some of the critical functions HUC’s play in in medical teams across the nation. 

Health Unit Coordinators Day is August 23. This month, we’re offering an inside look at some of the critical functions these staff members play for health teams across the nation and showing gratitude for their services. 

Healthcare services continue to be some of the most critical offerings today as a global pandemic continues and as an aging population undergoes treatments for illness and disease. 

Health Unit Coordinators (HUC) play an important role in the entire process that happens from the moment patients check in to a medical facility and throughout follow-ups, orders and paperwork. They undoubtedly do some of the most important heavy lifting behind the scenes for medical care. 

In honor of Health Unit Coordinators everywhere, we’re showing appreciation for all the time, effort and work they put into their daily functions. We know that what you all do ensures we have access to the care we need today – and into the future and for that we say: THANK YOU!

Dating as far back as World War II, these staff members helped during nurse shortages, are trained in answering phones and are the doctor’s backbone so they can work efficiently and provide adequate care for patients. In addition to this big responsibility, they coordinate things like communications, order supplies, and manage orders from doctors and so much more.

Speaking of supply ordering and management, we can’t make a post without also talking about all the ways we work directly with these team members at healthcare facilities across the state of New York. 

MedXwaste provides the secure, convenient medical waste services they need to keep their teams compliant and efficient. Ensuring that no waste generated at their facilities has the potential to cause harm or spread disease is critical. 

Health Unit Coordinators also work to ensure that all paperwork is properly filed, stored, recorded and then disposed of in compliance to HIPAA regulations. Together with our partner Legal Shred, they’re keeping the office running smoothly and deterring the chances of identity theft. 

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Health Unit Coordinators Day

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