Veterinary Clinics and Medical Waste Disposal

Veterinary Clinics and Medical Waste Disposal Here is a quick look at some of the waste disposal rules for veterinary clinics and how MedXwaste can help your facility remain efficient and compliant. 

Four-legged friends have entered the homes and hearts of many families and individuals. In addition to bringing companionship and warmth to the home – many families are now taking their pets on vacations, out to eat and incorporating them into regular family activities. With the growing fondness for our furry friends also comes increasing use of veterinary services for regular checkups and much larger medical procedures. 

Safely handling medical waste from these animal-focused health facilities comes with their own unique set of disposal rules and these can vary by state. 

Here is a quick look at some of those waste disposal rules and how MedXwaste can help your facility remain efficient and compliant. 

Know the Basics 

Just as with human medical waste produced at health facilities, anything that is considered non-hazardous can be tossed in the regular trash at these facilities. Whenever there are materials that are contaminated with potentially hazardous or infectious matter – that’s where rules come in. Things like sharps, pathological waste, radioactive waste or even general solid waste will need to be sorted, stored in separate clearly labeled containers and transported off site for safe disposal. 

Train Veterinary Staff 

Working at a veterinarian office – from lab techs to receptionists – it’s important to understand medical waste and proper handling. Since animals may sometimes pass away at the facility or can come in with an injury – having training in basic waste handling and using PPE equipment is important. Knowing how to sort and separate the waste is key to protecting anyone visiting the facility and your staff from potential hazards. 

Plan for Waste Management 

If you are a veterinary clinic and know that your facility is handling/producing any type of infectious waste, then you need to choose a way to meet all compliance obligations or risk hefty fines and penalties. If you only generate a small amount of medical waste you may be able to choose a mail back program for some of the waste. However if you’re a larger facility with greater amounts of medical waste or just want a partner you can trust and cannot risk missing a step in the disposal process – then that’s where MedXwaste comes in. We help you to achieve OSHA-compliance and reduce the medical waste stored in your facility. Set up a flexible pickup schedule that fits your needs today! 

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Veterinary Clinics and Medical Waste Disposal

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