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Vaccine Research Continues on HIV Vaccine Awareness Day 2021

Vaccine Research Continues on HIV Vaccine Awareness Day 2021 – Thank you to all the researchers, volunteers and community members dedicating their life’s work to finding a safe and effective vaccine for HIV.

Putting an end to the HIV epidemic is something that years of scientific research, volunteers and community members have been working tirelessly to achieve. On May 18, HIV Vaccine Awareness Day, we recognize all of their efforts and the years of advancements and achievements that have been done in the battle against this infectious disease. 

The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases has set aside this day as an important one to bring awareness to the fight for finding a vaccine and how much work health professionals, scientists and others have put into this fight and continue to do in search of a preventive vaccine for HIV.

It’s been over 30 years since HIV was identified as the disease that causes AIDS. So many new treatments and prevention methods have been introduced over the years but no vaccine to stop its spread has been discovered yet. 

Over the last year, scientists had to spread their attention to finding a resolution for another infectious disease and pandemic – the coronavirus. Now that vaccines for COVID are being administered across the globe, the focus on continuing to move the needle forward in HIV vaccine research moves forward. 

There are around 37.9 million people in the world living with HIV/AIDS. Researchers have noted that the vaccine needed for HIV is a bit more unique and challenging as there is a specific immune response that needs to be triggered. Landmark achievements on this front have been made in clinic trials in Thailand, South Africa and other clinical trials, but there is still not a definitive working and safe option. 

In addition to celebrating all of the large strides made in this research, HIV Vaccine Awareness Day is also a time to highlight the need for continued awareness and education concerning HIV vaccine research. 

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Vaccine Research Continues on HIV Vaccine Awareness Day 2021

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