Poison Prevention Awareness Tips

Poison Prevention Awareness Tips

Poison Prevention Awareness Month – The month of March is dedicated to learning more about preventing accidental poisoning and keeping harmful items adequately stored and disposed of.  

Poison prevention ads of the past may have highlighted the risks of detergents and chemicals stored under a kitchen sink being too easily accessible to children. While this is a critical aspect of poison control and stopping the potential for harm, there are several other hazards to be aware of. 

The month of March is a time dedicated to learning more about preventing accidental poisoning and keeping harmful items properly stored and disposed of.  

Today especially, with the COVID-19 pandemic and many using disinfectants, cleaners, and hand sanitizers, it’s essential to be cautious of where you store these chemicals. 

Poisoning is one of the leading causes of unintentional injury and death in the United States- and many of these situations could have been prevented. 

We’re also focused on bringing awareness to the dangers and risks of poisoning in our four-legged, furry family members during the month of March.

Here are some more key takeaways from this month’s focus points. 

  • Injury or death can occur from swallowing, inhaling, touching, or injecting some drugs, chemicals, venoms, or gases. It is essential to know which are harmful, read labels, and understand proper storage and disposal for the safety of all. 
  • In addition to hazards you can see, touch, and smell, poisoning can also happen from undetectable sources like carbon monoxide, hydrogen cyanide, etc.
  • The number one source of poisoning is pain medication.
  • Poison Control Centers play an essential role in helping you to respond during a potential poisoning event quickly. Keep the number accessible and somewhere visible for quick contact.
  • All medications should be stored high and away from the reach of children. Be sure to keep them in a properly labeled container and dispose of any expired or no longer needed medications safely following compliance regulations.

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Poison Prevention Awareness Month

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