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Medical spas are becoming a staple in many towns and communities. Here’s how MedXwaste serves the medical spa industry.

Medical waste removal programs ensure the health and safety for members of the public, as well as healthcare facility personnel by minimizing or eliminating exposure to biohazardous wastes containing pathogenic organisms and sharps. This is not exclusive to hospitals and laboratories, but also tattoo parlors, veterinary practices, funeral homes, and assisted living facilities, but that’s not all that’s included under the medical waste umbrella.

There is a growing demand in the spa industry that goes above and beyond massages and pedicures; nowadays, many clinics are opening medical spas – hybrids of medical clinics and day spas – that help patients with cosmetic enhancements. This includes Botox injections, skin rejuvenation, laser hair removal, laser vein therapy, collagen induction therapy, and medical grade peels.

A medical spa is less about relaxation and more about physical, visual results, but these treatments are given in a spa-like environment. However, medical spas may also offer relaxing therapies, such as acupuncture, which require needles that go below the skin’s surface.

In addition to the above procedures, many offer permanent cosmetic application, such as permanent make-up, which is administered similarly to a tattoo; a sterilized, disposable needle is used to implant colored pigment beneath the top layer of skin.

Because of the very nature of the services offered, medical spas are held accountable for their medical waste just as any other producer of medical waste. This includes the implementation and enforcement of medical waste regulations as they apply to handling, storage, treatment, and disposal of biohazardous waste.

Most medical spas have at least one doctor, esthetician, and nurse on hand, all of which must be knowledgeable in medical waste removal procedures.

Medical spas also deal with a lot of sharps waste, which is a term applied to objects such as needles and scalpel blades. A sharps hazard lies in the fact that it is designed to pierce the skin. Wastes containing both infectious material and sharp objects create particular hazards for anyone handling them or coming into contact with them.

MedXwaste offers medical waste removal programs for medical spas, whether it’s needles, red bag waste, or any other medical waste. We also offer an online OSHA Compliance Training program for all staff that work at medical spas for safety training and safety planning.

Contact MedXwaste today to learn about all of our products and services, including the safe disposal of medical spa waste.

Medical Spa Waste

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