Helpful Tips Before Signing a Medical Waste Contract

Helpful Tips Before Signing a Medical Waste Contract

When shopping for a medical waste removal vendor, who you choose to service your needs absolutely matters to your business. It’s important to remember that transparency is key, as any mistakes could fall on your business and compromise your reputation, not to mention put you at serious risk for fines and legal complications. It is up to you to know who you’re dealing with. Unsure of where to begin? We have some helpful tips to ensure that you’re not only getting the quality service you deserve, but the compliant and legal service that you and your business require.

Check to see if the prospective company is a large or small one. Sometimes, size does make the difference.

Small businesses have many advantages over their larger counterparts. Large companies are can be hampered by their size, and often times customer service quality falls through the cracks. Small businesses are often more innovative with impeccable attention to detail. MedXwaste prides itself on its small business status, but with big business ideas, all while keeping the focus on the customer.

Is the company local?

When shopping around for the best possible price on services, there’s one thing to keep in mind: local vendors offer advantages that larger companies can’t match. From first-rate, dependable customer service to customized solutions, there is a great advantage to going local. Not only is it an investment in your community, but local service providers share a similar, unique view of their communities. They also have a better understanding of the local dynamic and customer base. With this valuable information, a local service provider can cater solutions that will help your company better meet its needs and requirements, especially as these pertain to medical waste. MedXwaste services many areas in the Northeast and Southeast to help our clients maintain compliance and keep communities healthy.

Contracts: Long-term or Short-term?

Some medical waste removal companies require that you sign multi-year contracts, but these don’t always jive with smaller companies, such as tattoo parlors, local veterinary practices, and small, family-owned funeral homes. You know you need a medical waste company to help keep you compliant, but you don’t want to enter into a multi-year agreement that doesn’t fit your budget or needs. As a customer-focused company, MedXwaste works with our customers to find a schedule and solution that is centered around how much and how often you produce medical waste. Need a one-time pick up? MedXwaste can take care of that for you. If you need more regular, routine service, our educated staff can work with you on a service agreement that fits your budget and schedule.

Combined Services/Discount Services

A busy medical office will not only produce regulated medical waste, but sensitive paper waste as well. Does your medical waste removal professional partner with document destruction specialists to offer combined services? It would be beneficial to ask. Consider that most healthcare and medical professionals must properly destroy medical records in order to protect the privacy of patients. Doctors and healthcare practitioners are entrusted with individuals most sensitive and confidential information, which must be handled with care and discretion.  MedXwaste can make it easier on your staff and your budget, as we partner with Legal Shred to offer our clients document destruction services at a discounted rate. Legal Shred ensures your medical records are destroyed properly and professionally before they leave your property. The company is experienced in the careful destruction of healthcare records and medical charts, and helping to ensure the privacy of your patients and customers.

Compliance Programs: a Boon for Your Business

OSHA can fine your business up to $7,000 for each non-compliant item on their checklist. Are you current on your MSDS/SDSs, safety training, and safety plans? Have you conducted your own workplace OSHA audit? Not sure where to start?

MedXwaste offers an online OSHA training program that can be easily and inexpensively implemented into your current safety training. The course is designed to provide effective OSHA compliance training for all employees through our internet-based program.

The Bottom Line

Who you choose to work with is not only a reflection on your business, but a reflection on the health and wealth of the communities you service.

For more information about how to find the right medical waste management company, contact a representative of MedXwaste to find a program that suits your needs and your budget.

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