Tattoo Parlors: Medical Waste Disposal 101

Tattoo parlors aren’t likely the first business to come to mind when you think of medical waste disposal, but the truth of the matter is, tattoo shops must follow a stringent set of state and federal laws since the needle they use is going under the skin.

Because tattoo needles come into contact with bodily fluids, they are considered medical waste and therefore cannot just be tossed into a trash receptacle. Customers need to know their tattoo artists are not only clean and safe, but from a financial point of view, tattoo business owners need to think about the bigger picture: it is far more cost-effective to be in compliance then to be on the wrong end of an inspection. What could that sort of publicity mean for a small, locally run tattoo parlor and its reputation, not to mention the health and well-being of the customers and employees?

Tattoo artists deal with sharps, lancet, needles, and syringes generated from their work. Improper handling of medical waste disposal can lead to needle sticks, which can spread disease not only for those using health care products, but for anyone who finds them.

It’s not just tattoo needles that are considered medical waste; cotton swabs, paper towels, unused leftover ointment and face masks all fall under this category. Basically, anything that a tattoo artist is using during just one tattoo session is considered a biohazard and must be dealt with appropriately.

All of the tattoo medical waste must be handled, transported, and disposed of properly, in accordance with State and Federal regulations, to protect the public from dangerous pathogens.

MedXwaste can help tattoo shop owners maintain compliance regulation with our services; we will pick up, transport and dispose of all tattoo equipment and other biowaste in a cost-effective and reliable way. Whether you need monthly or daily medical waste disposal services, our team can help set up a schedule that meets your needs to ensure that your employees, clients, and the environment is safe and protected.

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