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New Medical Waste Transfer Station in West Haven, CT! – We recently announced some big news to the public as we have received approval for a new medical waste transfer station that will be located in West Haven, Connecticut. This has been an important goal for us as we worked hard with town and industry officials for over 2 years to gain the approval for the new facility which will be designed with all current regulatory requirements in place. 

The new facility will make it easier to consolidate medical waste processing and as a result, even boost energy savings – which is something we are very committed to here at MedXwaste.

For customers, this brings an even easier way to handle waste and provides access to even more businesses in the local area.

The proper transportation of medical waste that’s safe and environmentally responsible also requires a safe and efficient location for processing. The new facility will ensure that the destruction and processing of waste are run under the highest standards.  

Located at 81 Farwell Street in West Haven, Connecticut, we’re also excited to announce that the facility will feature a new wash system for reusable sharps and medical waste containers. 

We wanted to maximize the rate at which we could process high-level disinfection without having a negative impact on the environment. Together, this wash system and local transfer station not only reduces our carbon footprint by having minimal cardboard use, it also means less non-reusable plastic sharps containers, fewer materials needing to be processed overall – and we’re also using tractor trailers to move materials instead of small trucks – for even greater green benefits! 

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New Medical Waste Transfer Station in West Haven, CT!

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