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Cannabis Waste – The status of Cannabis is changing regularly throughout the United States as more states legalize its medical and recreational uses. It’s important to note though, while some state laws allow use and the commercial sale, under federal law, cannabis is still prohibited due to the potential for misuse and negative health consequences. Because of this, the waste disposal process and a management plan for the cannabis industry is also a critical element. 

In addition to streamlined and safe processes for handling and waste disposal, there is also a need for a cannabis waste management plan. Here are a few important points when it comes to Cannabis waste. 

What is Cannabis Waste?

It’s first important to understand what exactly constitutes Cannabis waste. From anything that comes in contact with the substance along the manufacturing and retail process to the actual unused buds, plant trimmings and empty cannabis packages. All of these elements are a type of waste generated by cannabis. Residual tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)— which is the chemical offering the euphoric and medicinal effects – is also harmful to animals and the environment if improperly disposed of. 

Know Your State’s Rules

While it’s easy to categorize what marijuana waste entails, it’s even more critical to know what an individual state considers to be waste and what their specific rules say about the handling and disposal of these items. Depending if they classify the different waste as hazardous or non-hazardous will change the handling and disposal rules that everyone must follow.

In New York state for example, The Marijuana Regulation & Taxation Act (MRTA) legalizes adult-use cannabis in New York State but here and in many other states the laws for use, cultivation and disposal are still being developed so it’s important to understand the current requirements for waste disposal of cannabis to ensure compliance. 

In some states this could mean having to mix or grind up the waste with other waste – such as coffee grounds or dirt until it’s unusable and mix to a high proportioned ratio to remove potency. This waste should be handled and then incinerated by a responsible, licensed waste hauler. In other instances, it may need to be processed the same as other medical waste and rendered unrecoverable and beyond reclamation. 

If you’re a business generating cannabis waste and need help ensuring you’re disposing of it in a compliant way, give MedXwaste a call today! 

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Cannabis Waste

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