National Influenza Vaccination Week

National Influenza Vaccination Week

National Influenza Vaccination Week – December 5-11​ is National Influenza Vaccination Week 2021 highlighting the importance of flu vaccination. 

The topic of vaccinations has crowded news headlines and debates everywhere you turn today. While much of these discussions continue, the first week of December is dedicated to highlighting the importance of vaccines to help protect children, eldery and those with chronic conditions from more serious complications that can develop after contracting the influenza virus.

December 5-11​ is National Influenza Vaccination Week 2021.

This annual week of importance covers the topic of the flu and the significant health concerns it poses each year as the reasons to get a flu shot. 

Achieving high influenza vaccination rates means more people will be protected. 

Conditions such as diabetes, asthma and heart disease can lead to greater complications than just battling a stronger cold when they get the flu. 

This week also serves as a reminder to get protected now, before the height of flu season arrives. In the past years, 9 out of 10 adults with at least 1 underlying issue were hospitalized for the flu.

The flu vaccine is available annually or anyone 6 months and older. Vaccination should happen early in the season to help prevent illness and other potentially fatal and serious complications that could develop as the result of infection. 

The best way to prevent transmission of the influenza virus is with an influenza vaccine. However there are additional hygiene and infection control steps that should also be practiced at health facilities and while in public to protect patients and the public from transmission. This includes hand washing, covering coughs and using masks to stop some of the airborne transmission made via small particle aerosols. 

We are all in this together. The CDC is urging everyone and especially children, elderly or those with compromised health to protect yourself and the community from the flu. 

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National Influenza Vaccination Week

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