Summer Camp Medical Waste

Summer Camp Medical Waste

Summer Camp Medical Waste – Here’s a closer look at medical waste at summer camps and how it should be handled. 

Summer camps and school programs are seeing a sharp increase in a post COVID-19 world as students are playing catch up with missed academic studies and the need for additional help with learning has increased. 

With more students continuing education through the summer months or for those back to attending camps that reopened for the season, it’s important that these facilities are practicing safe medical waste disposal. 

Since kids are spending most of their afternoons at these camps doing activities and for many, spending recreational time outdoors, the chances of small cuts and scrapes happening also increases. 

Just as camps must have first aid kits and nurses on staff to help in these situations, they should also have a medical waste plan for disposal of that waste. 

Here’s a closer look at medical waste at summer camps. 

Keep Supplies Well Stocked 

All camps should know their compliance requirements when it comes to PPE and medical waste handling. After you’ve brushed up on the requirements make sure you are fully stocked with all first aid supplies, personal protective equipment and other needed supplies to quickly address and emergency, be sure training is offered so that everyone frequenting the camp can be protected from accidental harm or infection caused by waste being improperly disposed of.

Have Clearly Labeled Waste Segregation Containers

The number rule in remaining compliant and keeping your premises safe is to clearly label mandated medical waste for disposal. Make sure camp staff knows that any blood-soaked materials, used sharps and other medical related waste should always be tossed into the appropriate container for disposal. A team effort will go a long way in keeping camp a fun and safe environment for all. 

Use a Trusted Medical Waste Hauler 

If you want to feel safe and confident about the medical waste your camp is generating and where it ends up after disposal, then be sure to partner with a provider you can trust. MedXwaste provides expert medical waste disposal services. We pickup medical, pharmaceutical and biohazardous waste and offer emergency, same-day pickups. 

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Summer Camp Medical Waste

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