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Keep Our Beaches Clean from Medical Waste – Keeping our beaches clean and safe to enjoy is important and medical waste disposal plays a huge role in these efforts. 

Few things are more enjoyable than spending a perfect day at the beach during the warm summer months in New England. All across New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, we have access to some of the nicest beaches and places to enjoy some fun in the sun. Keeping our beaches clean and safe to enjoy is important and medical waste disposal plays a huge role in these efforts. 

As gorgeous as a day on the beach can be, there’s no fun in seeing trash wash up on the shore – especially if that waste comes in the form of used syringes and other medical waste. It may sound extreme but back in the 1980’s the problem was so severe on the beaches in New Jersey that many were totally shut down until they were able to locate how the waste was coming into the beaches. This is still a current reality many states are dealing with.

Here’s a closer look at the problem…

Numerous incidents have been reported recently at beaches across the nation where solid waste remains are being found in the water. The problem is not just increased use of disposables by consumers but also medical practices that are generating more waste than ever to care for patients at their facilities. 

So how do we keep our beaches clean and free of medical waste? 

It starts internally at those waste generators facilities and having a plan and procedure in place for safe medical waste handling, storage, and disposal. 

The public should also remain knowledgeable of these efforts and concerns to do their part to produce less waste, recycle responsibly and urge local governments to take needed action to protect our precious resources.

The Medical Waste Tracking Act of 1988 was put in place after the above-mentioned beach issue of the 80s and made it a law for the EPA to create a program to track medical waste from cradle-to-grave. The program expired in 1991 and many states and municipalities have since created their own regulations and laws for handling medical waste as well as tracking any potentially dangerous medical waste – how it’s disposed of and where it ends up. 

MedXwaste is your partner. We’re here to help you maintain compliant and responsible waste disposal. We provide convenient pickup services and support to ensure the job gets done right from start to finish and that you feel confident about how your facility is handling all the waste it creates. 

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Keep Our beaches clean

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