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Funeral Homes and Medical Waste

Funeral Homes and Medical Waste – Here are just a few of the key things to consider when it comes to funeral homes and medical waste. 

The untimely and unfortunate death of a loved one is never an easy topic to discuss. For those who work at funeral homes and mortuaries handling and working with corpses is part of their every day function. At these locations, biohazardous medical waste is being created in large amounts every day. A sound medical waste management plan is the only way to ensure everyone remains safe and protected and that any corpse or other waste from deceased individuals is handled with the utmost care. 

At MedXWaste we take our job of handling, managing and disposing of medical waste very seriously. Our professional and certified staff are well versed in all of the proper disposal and removal steps and helps funeral homes along the way. 

Here are just a few of the key things to consider when it comes to funeral homes and medical waste. 

Types of Waste Coming out of Funeral Homes

Understanding what kind of waste is typically generated in a funeral home and how it must be handled is key. With items like sharps, gauze and gowns and other materials used in the preparation of bodies for viewing or cremation there are industry rules that must be followed for safety and sanitation. Being compliant requires understanding how each type of waste should be handled and discarded. Depending on if the waste is chemical, pathological or a biohazard will dictate how a waste management company handles and disposes of the waste as well as the container where the waste is stored. 

Training and PPE is Important

In addition to a solid waste management plan and a contract with a trusted provider to haul away the waste, it’s important that funeral home’s also provide training for all employees who are working at their facility and come into contact with any of this waste. Since illness a person may have suffered before death or things like chemotherapy waste may accompany a corpse, using and providing personal protective equipment for staff and making its use mandatory is the responsibility of funeral home owners.

Partner with MedXWaste

Choose a partner you can trust to ensure your funeral home is always in compliance. At MedXWaste, our certified staff takes care of biohazardous and regulated medical waste quickly, efficiently, and at a 50% lower cost than most other companies.  We believe in being fully transparent about all of our work, and our team works hard to ensure you’re satisfied. 

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