National Dentist's Day

National Dentist’s Day

National Dentist’s Day – Each year on March 6 is dedicated to dentist’s to show appreciation for the work they do in protecting our oral health. 

Medical waste is a highly-regulated in many industries. For those with a dentist office, understanding the rules for proper disposal for everything from Amalgam which can contain mercury, to other matter-  is so important. For this reason we talk a lot here on the blog about partnering with a provider you trust and who understands all the rules for total compliance. The fines for non-compliance are hefty and it’s not something you should risk. 

At MedXWaste, we’re proud to help so many incredible dental offices across the Tri-state area safely dispose of all medical waste. Together we work to keep everyone safe, healthy and smiling bright!

Each year on March 6 is dedicated to dentist’s to show appreciation for the work they do in protecting our oral health. For National Dentist’s Day this year, we’d like to say “Thank You” to all of our clients in the dental field for your service and helping the public keep their dental health in check. 

Here are a few other interesting facts about medical waste handling at dental facilities. 

Teeth & Dentures are Pathological Waste

Throwing away old teeth that have been removed, fallen out or even dentures is considered potentially hazardous and most states require that OSHA’s Blood-borne Pathogen Standard be withheld. That means using a compliant red bag or sharps container to dispose of them. If those teeth however contain a filling made of amalgam, they cannot be incinerated due to the possible mercury. Since it is Hazardous waste, it should then be disposed of using separator devices that will capture the dental amalgam waste and prevent it from being released into the sewer system. 

Be Cautious About Sharps

While needles and syringes make up a large part of the waste coming from many medical facilities, there are other “sharps” or items that could puncture through bags or containers to be aware of when it comes to safe disposal. At dental facilities for example, material like broken capillary tubes, and the exposed ends of dental wires should be handled in the same way as typical sharps.

Looking for a partner you can trust to ease the stress of medical waste disposal? Call on MedXWaste. We provide expert medical waste disposal that keeps your employees & the environment safe.

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National Dentist's Day

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