Medical Waste Removal & Medical Record Destruction Both Vital for Community Health

Medical Waste Removal & Medical Record Destruction

Medical care is essential for the keeping and caring of our communities, and here at MedXWaste we remind our clients that part of that care includes proper medical waste removal. The improper management of waste generated from hospitals directly impacts staff members, patients, and the envionment. Of course, regulated medical waste isn’t exclusive to hospitals and other health care facilities. Tattoo parlors, funeral homes, and veterinary offices must adhere to the same stringent guidelines when it comes to handling their waste.

MedXWaste helps our customers maintain compliance with biomedical waste management, but beyond physical health, we also care about the identities of the communities we serve, namely the sensitive information that is managed on a daily basis throughout the facilities we assist. This information is kept and stored through medical records and other documents that are confidential in nature.

When it comes to keeping information private, few things are more important than medical records. Shredding is clearly the best way to dispose of old paperwork, but how can you be sure those records will be safe, once they’re sent to be destroyed?

Where MedXWaste handles the destruction and removal of your red bag waste, companies like Legal Shred handle the destruction of medical and patient records.

Did you know that medical records are one of the primary targets for identity thieves? Wrong-doers can steal your information to get health services or insurance. Just like your credit history, it’s important to keep track of your medical records and know what your medical provider is doing with them.

In addition to keeping staff and patients healthy through proper medical waste removal, doctors and healthcare practitioners are entrusted with individuals most sensitive and confidential information, which must be handled with utmost care and professionalism.

MedXWaste helps facilities like pediatric centers, hospitals, dentists, nursing homes, pharmacies, veterinary practices, and tattoo parlors handle their regulated medical waste, and Legal Shred helps these organizations protect the identities of the people they serve.

With the right combination of medical waste removal and proper document destruction, our customers comply with state and federal legislation, safeguard their customers health and privacy, and cut labor costs by working with a trusted medical waste removal company and document destruction professionals.

Both MedXWaste and Legal Shred offer routine service to our customers.

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